The WFH Bootcamp is an email series that helps people become better at working from home in 1 month.

Over the span of four short weeks, the email series will send you eight emails. Each will focus on a different aspect of working from home and provide simple tasks to greatly improve your work from home experience. If you complete just a few of these tasks, we guarantee that your WFH skills, productivity, and happiness will improve.

Why Listen To Us?

We have been working from home for big tech companies and startups for decades, founded a website to provide WFH guidance, and have helped thousands of individuals improve their WFH experience. Yes, we are WFH nerds and we are proud of it. 🤓 We are constantly talking to experts, building our knowledge, and experimenting on how to set up a productive home office, maintain proper work-life balance, avoid burnout, and increase mindfulness. Our ultimate goal is to help you thrive in your career, when working remotely.

About the WFH Bootcamp Email Series

In each email, we will distill WFH guidance into actionable “tasks”. Take a little time to complete these tasks and by the end of this email series you will know:

  1. How to set up your home office to maximize productive work.
  2. How to avoid burnout and remain mentally and physically healthy while at home.
  3. Critical issues to be aware of to manage your career while working remotely.
  4. Productivity measures and ways to improve your performance.
  5. The future of remote work and what that means for you in terms of career management, finding your next job, and maintaining your corporate relationships.