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    8 Emails, 1 Month.

    We provide easy-to-follow and actionable steps over 1 month, so that you can quickly make real improvements.

    This gives you time to try our recommendations and to digest the information you find most useful.

    We provide bite-sized steps that you can take to improve your work from home experience. We offer dozens of research-backed tips that are proven to increase productivity and happiness.

    Make meaningful improvements to your workspace.

    Learn how to optimize your workspace, what products are most important, and how to arrange your home office.

    Your home office setup is the foundation for doing your life’s work. We provide recommendations for products and configurations so that you can be your best while WFH.

    Achieve a better mental state.

    Working from home is challenging. When the line between work and life becomes blurred, your mental well-being can suffer.

    You’re not alone if you’re finding working from home difficult. We offer helpful and actionable tips from leading wellness experts to help you manage.

    Thrive in your remote career.

    Maintaining your relationships, connections and professional development can be difficult outside of the office. Without the face-to-face of an office, it can be difficult to maintain personal relationships.

    We provide helpful steps that you can take to maintain and improve your career.

    Backed by science.

    All of our tips and recommendations are backed by research and science. Did you know 41% of people working from home sit at a chair that is too low? Or that 52% work at monitors that are too far below eye level low? Or that good lighting is proven to increase positivity and improve mindset?

    We offer dozens of research-backed tips that are proven to increase productivity and happiness. 

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